ZENING a Higher Living


Charming, colorful, touch of tradition, eclectic, upscale village living.

Room designs and furnishings are curated to enhance mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

An energetic channel of connectedness with earth and cosmic energy opens up in these living spaces.



Foods at ZENING is locally sourced, home grown and cooked in best gastronomic healthy cooking styles of Mediterranean. 

The resort shuns foods with carbon footprint. No imported, frozen, mass produced meats and chemically infused products are provided.

Only locally grown, sourced from farmers, organic and healthy foods are in the community kitchen and restaurant. T

he food Menus reflect wellness concept and ethos. 

Micro-biotic, gluten free and detox menu is created for those who care for their immunity and wellness.


Nature spa, use home- made essential oils, high qualified therapists, wellness rituals. ZENING Veda Spa is a tribute to Greek tradition where highly trained therapists provide healing therapies with natural essential oils.


ZENING is deeply committed to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and principles of Paris Climate Accord.

ZENING has created the first Net-Zero living concept in vacations. 

From recycling of water, shunning plastic with solar heating, energy saving installations, composting, organic farming, recycling, reducing waste and sourcing locally ZENING is a trend setter in sustainable living.

A Return to Tradition

Sophisticated travelers yearn for a touch of relaxed simplicity rather than hyper efficiency they are used to in their daily lives when on vacation. 

They seek something “different” and ZENING concept provides a rare return to basics – a return to traditions. 

For many travelers who care about earth and environment, this is an introduction to charm of living in harmony with nature.  

There is a genuine dedication to authenticity that genuine compassion, warmth, tradition and culture are greatly empowering.


ZENING is a place where culture thrives. 

It is an ideal place for creators who make magic with art, music, design and more.


Farming & Herbal Gardens

ZENING believes in Farm to Fork concept and an organic farm & herbal garden supply fresh, healthy greens to guests through the season. 

Healing water treatments

ZENING uses its mineral water resource and knowledge of minerals and herbs to provide healing water therapies

Nature Immersion

ZENING ecosystem enhances bio-diversity and migratory birds and flora & fauna flourish in this environment. 

By eliminating use of harmful pesticides and chemicals, ZENING has become a Garden of Eden.

Swimming Pools

Mother of Pearl tiles in swimming pools give glittering light  and positivity.


Yoga & mindfulness

Yoga and meditation are integral to ZENING wellness concept   a healthy mind is source of a good life. Yoga and meditation workshops and retreats lead to deep sense of wellbeing.

Gather in Green

The Resort is an ideal place for inner wellness, group seminars, coaching and self – improvement sessions, yoga & meditation retreats with a unique “Gather in Green” meeting concept where seminars can be held on green spaces under the shade of trees


Coaches provide group and personal coaching on stress relief, weight-loss, giving up on smoking and life improvement techniques through gentle lifestyle coaching

Personal attention of the Promoter, his management team and highly trained staff, who work hard to meet any of guest’s needs. ZENING is committed to giving highly personalized attention and service to clients to develop strong loyalty

Cycling is a fast growing tourist product in Cyprus and the region of Polis-Paphos with its scenic routes is ideal for cycling tourists. ZENING is positioning itself to welcome such tourists with special offers. It is proposed to provide high quality bikes and services to cyclists.

ZENING is promoting non-engine , environmentally friendly sports and activities while there is a damaging trend in Cyprus toward harmful motor driven safaris and tours.