Introduction to Zening


ZENING is hotel management & operating company formed in 2011 which introduced a visionary lifestyle concept of healthy, wellness oriented, deeply relaxing spiritual vacation into hospitality sector targeting modern travelers seeking a new age experience.


ZENING’s Mission: Give a gift of Wellness

ZENING is the first mover in wellness holiday concept in which high capital expenditure on “luxuries” has been replaced with a new paradigm in “wellbeing & wellness”. ZENING concept vacation provides deep relaxation and lasting wellness, motivating guests to adopt healthy lifestyle changes. ZENING’s combination of yoga, meditation and spa holidays with organic nutrition, nature spa, eco-therapy & year-round programs for personal growth, art, culture, languages and soft skills is unique in world of hospitality.

Unlocking Property Potential

With new wellness concept, attracting millennial clientele, direct and online distribution and sales, opening new marketing channels, providing excellence of operations, ZENING unlocks the hotels’ value and operates at higher profits margins. ZENING aims to enhance ADRs, RevPar and EBITDA by implementing innovative resorts management principles with focus on guests’ wellbeing. ZENING attracts sophisticated, aware, intelligent high –spender middle class clientele that spares no expense on personal wellbeing and wellness. ZENING lifestyle is “addictive” due to lasting “feel good” character of holiday resulting in high customer loyalty and return.

Ajay Goyal, the founder & CEO of ZENING (“the Promoter”) took over an old run down Cypriot resort Elia Village in 2013 transforming it into a flagship wellness resort under ZENING brand. Promoters have invested EUR 7 million in conversion, concept and branding, turning around it with a unique wellness concept of new age holiday for the upscale traveler. As the result of ZENING takeover, the resort has experienced massive growth in key financial indicators since 2012 with the annual revenue growth of above 50% and ADR growth of over 70% during the last 3 years of operations.

By 2022, ZENING will target to transform the Resort into wellness club to achieve more durable and stable cash flow from operating activities.