Club ZENING Strategy

Club ZENING is a high growth innovative business paradigm aimed at millennial travelers in search of wellness and adventure. While leisure hospitality has been seeking business models between luxury & spa beach vacations on one hand and All inclusive holidays on the other, ZENING is carving a niche in wellness club style holiday for the millennials. An innovative strategy combining millennial traveler’s budget travel demand and growing trend toward green, sustainable and wellness lifestyle aspirations, comprises following elements:

  • ZENING shall shift the conventional room-occupancy focus, from room-rate and room sales to bed sales and bed rate while adding “experiences” for additional incomes in a club format.
  • ZENING shall remove itself from Tour Operator promoted All-Inclusive business model and instead offer its own experience based wellness product
  • ZENING shall offer an “experience” rather than “hotel accommodation”.
  • Adventurous, new-age travelers and experience seekers shall be target markets
  • Comfortable and upscale accommodation will be improved and upgraded toward greater energy efficiency, sustainability
  • Nature immersion, art, culture, eco system, personalized service shall be “luxury of the mind” elements
  • Many unique travel experiences, workshops, wellness programs shall be added to ZENING milieu.
  • ZENING shall break free from conventional Cyprus model of high occupancy driven by Tour Operators within 2 years
  • ZENING shall not turn toward “exclusive -luxury “ which is a low occupancy, high risk approach aimed for highbrow super-rich traveler.

The Millennial Traveler

Millennials (travelers aged 18-35 ) are prioritizing social interactions and shared adventures with newfound friends versus the average traveler population. Sharing is an important aspect of their travels – loneliness is becoming a greater affliction in the ever-connected age. The more people are spending time online on social media – the more they are feeling withdrawal from real social connect. Many independent researches show that as youth and middle aged individuals spend more time at work and online on social media – they tend to be more lonely. The primary ambition of most such persons, polled is to travel and the reason is a desire to meet new persons, socialize, communicate and end loneliness.  Here come a hostel travel model- according to Global Hostel Marketplace 2014-2018 research, hostel travelers are particularly social. The majority of U.S. hostel users (72 %) are solo travelers – seeking social connections. And hostel travelers are likely to spend more on trips. On average, they spend more on travel annually in absolute terms ($4,474) than the general traveler ($3,155). Several studies in recent years made by the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation, a global not-for-profit membership organization based in Amsterdam, drew similar conclusions: young people are traveling more, staying away for longer periods of time and are spending significant amounts of money

Adventure and Experience

United Nations World Travel Organization has concluded that Adventure Tourism  which includes eco-travel, walking, research, healing, new experiences) is the fastest growing segment in tourism. Hoteliers around the globe are diversifying into adventure and experience sectors. Specialized tour operators like Wellbeignescapes are offering all sorts of adventures and experiences ranging from hiking and surfing and combine those with yoga and ayuverda for a complete and lasting wellness packages– European wellness& experience 7 day packages are priced on average GBP 800 per person and above.

Holiday Clubs & Modern Traveler

The demand for holiday clubs persists but clubs are struggling to refine and redefine their appeal. The economic aspects and “experience included” such as sports, skiing, snorkeling, sailing have lasting demand. The all-inclusive Club Model of Club Mediterranean, Club Marmara, Sandals, is under severe pressure from cruise ships. Hotel clubs are actively seeking ways to diversify their service offering to match new aspects of demand- wellness, fitness, nutrition, sports, adventures ( for example, Sunsail provide vacation on yachts all over the globe inclusive of skippers and crew, Robinson hotels offers watersports, ball sports, wellness, winterport’s as part of its packages for families).

Club Zening is adopting a “wellness and experience” included approach while not providing “ all inclusive” vacation so as to promote local small businesses and experiences of interacting with local culture. A SKIFT report elaborates aspirations of Club All –Inclusive resorts to evolve. The evolution has not been quick enough and conventional all-inclusive has not found appeal among modern and millennial travelers.