The New Age Traveler

Club ZENING incorporates demands of the times and fastest growing tendencies in travel.  ZENING focus is on New-Age travelers defined by their ambitions, lifestyle and desires rather than age alone.

Millennials (Generation Y travelers aged 18-35) are trendsetters and Generation X are also willing to live a wellbeing oriented , healthy & adventurous lifestyle. Travelers are ready to experience the world through new lifestyles that are being explored by millennials.

Millennials are prioritizing adventure, experience, spirituality, social interactions and shared adventures over consumption.

The New Age traveler is the financially independent, highly educated, well-traveled individual that is wanting to live a new life of adventure and longevity. Feeling good is no longer about a spa treatment but deep, long lasting emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Generation X as well as retired baby boomers are influenced by millennials and new-age travelers looking keenly at wellbeing, youthfulness, health and a feeling of calm, relaxation and comfort. All these educated, sophisticated travelers value sustainability and eco practices and willing to pay a premium for luxury of organic foods and authentic local experiences. ZENING intends to drive further toward authenticity in this wholesome well-being oriented experience.

There is a definitive shift toward experience holidays in Europe. ZENING is leveraging this grand shift in interests of these new-age clientele towards “experience” holidays and “wellness”  and is embarking on a new phase of growth and increased profitability toward this large and fast growing, regular and high spending traveler group.

ZENING combines the millennials demand with the general trend toward wellness and promotes sustainable-cultural tourism, workshops retreats, yoga retreats, self-improvement vacation, exploration, adventure for solo traveler.

Budget Accommodation – Sharing in Upscale Living.

According to leading hospitality research company HVS, MILLENNIAL TRAVELERS ARE FUELING A HOSTEL REVOLUTION.  Urban hotel segment has seen rise of luxury hostel: posh budget accommodation as millennials seek to choose and spend on experiences rather than on room.

Affluent travelers now choose “cultural experience” over “living luxury”. This is especially so in leisure travel when affluent travelers are getting away from work – not carrying it with them.

Adventure and Experience

United Nations World Travel Organization has concluded that Adventure Tourism (which includes eco-travel, walking, research, healing , new experiences) is the fastest growing segment in tourism.

Sharing and Social Experience

A game changing development in urban hotel segment is a trend observed at ZENING whereby high-end travelers are seeking a “shared experience”. Many solo travelers are taking to road and wish to socialize, communicate, share, exchange and make friendships.  Millennials are in search of communication, bonding, and friendships across cultures, borders and boundaries and ZENING provides an ideal setting for fulfillment of this desire.

Sharing is an important aspect of travel – loneliness is becoming a common problem in the ever-connected age. Many independent researches show that as youth and middle aged individuals spend more time at work and online on social media – they tend to be lonelier. The primary ambition of most such persons, polled is to travel and the reason is a desire to meet new persons, socialize, communicate and end loneliness. Club ZENING takes this significant social context into consideration.

Holiday Clubs & Modern Traveler

The demand for holiday clubs persists but clubs are struggling to refine and redefine their appeal. These clubs conceived in 1970s and 80s are redefining their appeal and models. The all-inclusive Club Model of Club Mediterranean, Club Marmara, Sandals is under severe pressure from cruise ships and independent hotels and are looking for ways to diversify their service offering to match changes in demand. New club holidays have mereged driven by mass market tour operators.

ZENING rejects the notion of all-inclusive clubs as they cause damage to local economy and environment. These clubs are driven by consumption and not moderation or conservation. They are detrimental to human health as well as environment. Without sustainability no such clubs have any future.

A “wellness included” approach of organic and nutritious meals, nature immersion, eco-experience, diet, fitness, yoga and wellness activities has proven to be popular with ZENING guests in the last two years. ZENING therefore intends to create a Club offering which is relevant to the times and to modern travelers.

Retreat that is a Resort: Resort that is a Retreat

Demand for retreats – yoga, wellness, gastronomic, learning, walking, healing in several segments has been growing from millennial as well as middle age affluent travelers. More and more people are taking retreats with themes rather than book plain holidays.

ZENING has provided one of the first resorts in Europe with retreat format. There are choices of several workshops, sessions, activities and interests.

Travelers receive excellent value for money, space, safety and quality which has been missing in non-organized retreat sector. Club ZENING is a resort with all attractions of a retreat.

Be Innovative to Beat Alternative

A large section of travelers who can afford conventional or even luxury accommodation choose alternative as hotels have failed to provide new experience and innovation. Club ZENING interactive-experience approach, personalized service, design creates a homely atmosphere in which guests interact with staff and local small businesses and service providers.

Connect with Locals

Travelers no longer wish to vacation in aquarium like all- inclusive resorts where they live a completely artificial experience.

ZENING offers an authentic experience of getting to know locals, local traditions and culture.

Experiences such as culinary workshops, herbal farming, organic farms, fruit orchard visits, art, dance – all aspects of vacation at ZENING are designed for connect between charming and hospitable Cypriot locals and tourists.

Proposed excursions are to local and regional churches, monasteries, orchards, farms, unexplored beaches. walking trails and archaeological sites.

Sustainability: Green DNA of ZENING

ZENING was conceived as a holiday resort for living in harmony with nature. Green & sustainable policies are in the DNA of ZENING.  We take our responsibility as guardians of earth and environment earnestly. ZENING aims to provide a unique deep relaxation experience so guests may find harmony with the external and internal worlds. This is only possible with sincere policies and practices of sustainability in all aspects of living and vacation.


ZENING has set itself a goal to not only to conserve the nature but to enrich the natural heritage of this eco-sensitive and fragile region of Cyprus. There is tremendous negative pressure from tourist industry and rampant exploitation of natural elements. Plastic, noise pollution, forest fires, ocean pollution are rampant. ZENING has adopted an activist approach toward sustainability and is taking leadership in educating and informing business owners, stakeholders and tourist organizations. At its own resort, ZENING aims to eliminate the harmful footprint of tourism. ZENING aims to be an example and model for hotels of Cyprus so they may be encouraged to engage the tourists into conservation, protection and enrichment of nature while shunning the most destructive of tendencies. ZENING is constantly agitating and lobbying for lobbying with the local government and stakeholders to create long walking paths, gardens, composting, cycling zones, prohibiting quad bikes and harmful motor sports from land and water, provide free green transport, provide airport shuttle shared buses as alternative to taxi and car rentals. In 2017 ZENING starts providing shared car service, bike rentals and walking tours.

ZENING Latchi sees two parking lots converted into gardens and green activity venues.

ZENING sustainability and green practices go above and beyond requirements of regulatory agencies and tour operators. Environmental care is an integral part of ZENING lifestyle.