Our Team

Ajay Goyal

He is the Promoter of ZENING. He has been a serial entrepreneur with successful ventures over the past 27 years in India, Russia, United States and Europe. He envisioned a new lifestyle vacation resort to indulge in his own path of living and thinking healthy. He is a passionate about environment, sustainability, culture and wellness.

He is an active and indulgent member of ZENING team , constantly motivating team members and ensuring dedication to core principles of wellness, sustainability, harmony, service, compassion, tradition & culture.

He is a cum-laude Engineering graduate of National Institute of Technology of India.

Goyal started his professional life as a TV anchor and show host on Indian National TV.

In 1990 he created Indian Software company which was sold off to a technology giant in 1996.

He has been a Principal in a trade, counter trade and private equity firm NORASCO in Cyprus since 1993 with a track record of 26 years of business in Russia, India, the United States & Europe.

Goyal has founded numerous high profile ventures including The Russia Journal media company and newspaper in 1998 with several online dot-com startups .

He is a high-profile intellectual entrepreneur and author of a book “Uncovering Russia”. Goyal’s ventures are managed by top professionals in the field as he believes in engaging hands on proven professionals for operations.

Goyal is behind the vision of a wellness holiday club. He visited more than 20 countries and over 100 retreats, health tourism centers, Ayurveda resorts, luxury resorts, meditation centers, yoga retreats and vacation clubs and discovered the niche for wellness to be filled by ZENING.

Goyal is a Yoga practitioner, sailor and writer

Nicolas Protopapas

He is the Resort’s General Manager. He has more than 25 years of hotel and restaurant management experience working with five and four stars hotel properties in Italy and Cyprus. He also founded and run a number of ventures in fine- dining and wine businesses in the past and worked as a consultant in this area. He joined ZENING in 2016 and since then assisted ZENING team in implementing a number of operational efficiencies in rooms and F&B operations that allows to substantially improve bottom line performance of the Resort. He is passionate about hotels, cooking & wine, travelling and speaks 4 languages.

Sanjay Goyal

Sanjay Goyal has been managing NORASCO trade , counter trade and finance company in Cyprus since 1996. He is a Cyprus citizen and oversees finance and corporate affairs of ZENING. He is Chief Administrative Officer and financial controller of resort