Europe's First Net-Zero Resort


ZENING is an upscale eco-environmental village resort concept for those who care about themselves and the planet. 

Painstaking attention is built into the concept into nurturing bio-diversity and care for environment 

ZENING is driven by belief that no material luxury compares with inner wellbeing. We have created spaces that create strong mind  & provide spiritual enrichment.

ZENING has created a unique harmonious, natural, simple and beautiful environment.


ZENING was conceived as a spiritual holiday resort. Green & sustainable policies are in the DNA of ZENING. 


We take our responsibility as guardians of earth and mother nature very earnestly. ZENING aims to provide a unique deep relaxation experience so guests may find harmony with the external and internal worlds.


The goal of ZENING is not only to conserve the nature but to enrich the natural and cultural heritage of the region. 


It is a visionary and bold paradigm in tourism that aims to eliminate the harmful footprint of tourism and engage the tourists into conservation, protection and enrichment of nature. 

ZENING commits to continually improving environmental and social sustainability performance.  


We expand and enhance green areas within the resort and lobby with the local government and stakeholders to create walking paths, gardens, composting, cycling zones, prohibiting quad bikes, and harmful motorsports from land and water.

ZENING is the first hotel to appoint a full-time sustainability coordinator who takes the approach of an activist within the organization.

ZENING takes leadership in resisting the harmful tourist products being introduced in the region and creating models of sustainable tourism to demonstrate long term benefits for whole community and country.


Our sustainability and green policies go above and beyond requirements of regulatory agencies and tour operators. We engage each and every guest and  member of ZENING team in environmental care.


The green policies of the resort resulted in an annual increase in the migration of birds to nest on the trees in and around the property. The morning bird song has increased in tempo and is a sweet testament to the successful environmental policies of ZENING.

ZENING provides priceless luxury of “feelings” and “experiences” with ideal conditions for work, rest and relaxation while immersing in nature and leaving no harmful carbon footprint.

ZENING was conceived as a spiritual holiday resort.

Green & sustainable policies are in the DNA of ZENING.

ZENING aims to provide a unique deep relaxation experience that we believe to be possible if the service offering is in harmony with nature.

Our goals and actions are proactive and innovative. As a result, our actions in sustainability go farther than conservation and avoidance of damage to the environment and climate.

Our goal is to enrich the natural and cultural heritage of the region. ZENING approach to sustainability is visionary innovative and constructive activism.

ZENING has redesigned its business model and service offering as the damage caused by all-inclusive mass-tourism becomes evident in ecosystem and economy. ZENING is taking an active leadership role in resisting the harmful tourist products and creating models of sustainable tourism to demonstrate long-term benefits for the whole community and country.

  • ZENING puts sustainability at the heart of its concept and operations.
  • ZENING sustainability is not a cost but a true value creator that will help bring more sophisticated guests to our hotels, differentiate and deliver better service within our premises, enhance brand value and create a positive image and media interest.
  • ZENING strategy is to offer all modern facilities built on a basis of sustainable construction where furnishing and design derived from the ethnic community, ancient cultural tradition, and architecture.
  • Implementation of traditional ethnic and heritage   practices in construction and interior design provide competitive advantages like:
  • significant decrease in project CAPEX requirements as using traditional natural construction materials is cheaper compared to using concrete and metal.
  • Decrease in utilities costs as traditional materials improve insulation and contribute to energy savings practices.
  • We respond to climate change and the growing demand from consumers to reduce the harmful footprints on the environment and climate.
  • We are committed to doing this by seeking new ways to reduce and manage emissions across our hotels.
  • We continue to develop innovative processes and technology
  • We are at the forefront in identifying and implementing practical, cost-efficient measures that are both sustainable and responsible.

Sustainable initiatives at ZENING

  • Energy Efficient Lamps and Lights – We use LED and Energy Saving Lamps. This will give up to 4 times energy saving.
  • No wastage of electricity – We constantly train all staff to be “energy officers” and incentivize them as they save energy and care for environment. 
  • No Plastic Water Bottles – We do not use plastic bottled water and offer unlimited drinking water with fruit and herb infusions. Guests may acquire hygienic steel and Aluminum water bottles and unlimited free refills of drinking water. 
  • Water Safety: We invest in drinking water treatment and safety to enhance the quality of drinking water. 
  • H2O Stations – We build stone stations with drinking water. It feels like it should be. Enjoying nature’s gifts responsibly.
  • No to AC – We fit all rooms with fans, towers and are now testing low energy coolers as alternative choices for guests. Where required, ACs fitted by us are ultra modern and energy saving. There are movement sensors and switches to turn off air-conditioning as guests leave rooms.
  • Farm to Fork in 15 minutes – We  develop our own organic farms and procure all foods locally. We implement a farm to fork in 15 minutes policy so as to minimize and then eliminate carbon fuel use for bringing expensive distance foods to our resorts. We aim to grow all our green vegetable needs organically on our own farm.
  • No Red Meat – red meat production is one big culprit of climate change. Our menus are based on locally available limited meat varieties. We promote consumption of legumes, beans, fish and free-range poultry. 
  • Local Sourcing – Nearly 70% of our food is locally sourced from farmers co-operative and directly from growers and fishermen.
  • Solar PV – We opt for generating all of our electricity needs by ourselves depending on applicable government regulations.
  • No electric water heaters – We use solar water heaters that will eliminate the need for electric water heaters.
  • No Cars in Resort: We ask guests to park their cars outside and walk the resort. Vehicles are not permitted inside resort area.
  • No Motor Water Sports or quad bikes– We do not provide jet skis or motor water sports or quad bikes. We provide use of Kayaks and bikes, free for guests of the hotel
  • Use natural earth materials – Where possible we do not use artificial materials. 
  • Innovation – In each challenge our first instinct is “green innovation” for any solutions. We create a Business Incubator to promote innovative new ventures in ecotourism and sustainability that are relevant to island economies.
  • Recycling: The installations at ZENING are a testament to innovative recycling. We do not throw or dump wood, metal, plastic into massive trash dumps and instead make use of all possible items through art and innovation .
  • Recycling : Several facilities  are made of wood which would have gone to a landfill. Instead, we turned it into a beautiful hut, eg a reception area
  • Openair Fitness: We create an open-air fitness center using discarded doors and windows. 
  • No Chemical pesticides this safe environment for biodiversity.
  • ZENING provides polycarbonate, glass cups, and ceramic mugs instead of plastic cups for in-room beverages. 
  • Provide guestroom recycler baskets for newspaper, white paper, glass, aluminum, cardboard, and plastic.
  • We take tough measures against smoking to limit the risk of fires.
  • No Mobile use policy – we recommend not to use a mobile phone on common facilities 

Wider ZENING Sustainability Actions

  • No cars in beach and bay areas

  • Public Transport Shuttle to Airports instead of Taxis

  • Speed and noise limits on vehicles in the area

  • Provide ethanol or electric buses for free hop-on-hop-off to tourists and local residents

  • Provide water stations for drinking water along the beach and end plastic bottle use.

  • Create Bicycle paths and lanes all along the bay and ultimately connect all villages

  • The city of Parks. Create several parks and botanical zones for the abundant flowers and plants of the area.

  • Silence: provide silent hours for complete relaxation

  • Green Marketing

  • ZENING takes pains to inform clients what to expect in a green-traditional holiday.

  • ZENING has presentations about green living and responsible holidays for clients.

  • We promote our hotel in a manner that attracts clients who demonstrate respect for the natural and cultural heritage of the region and the green policies of ZENING.

  • We offer price incentive rooms with high discounts to guests if they live with a minimal carbon footprint.

  • We offer guests a chance to live a “retreat in a resort” —  living close to nature without any harmful impact on the environment

  • We ask travel agencies to educate their clients before they book a holiday with us about our green and sustainable policies.

  • Choosing the Right Clients

  • ZENING Guests Love Green

  • ZENING has had a strategy of marketing its green credentials to bring climate and environment-aware guests. 

  • There is evidence that green policies attract sophisticated millennial clients that ZENING refers to as “green guests”. 

  • Green guests are willing to spend more on authentic sustainable living. This helps raise rates, service standards and puts the business on a growth trajectory.

  • Green Guests, unlike mass tourists, do not mind paying extra for organic food, quality nutrition, and local produce.

  • Green Guests consume less and waste less.

  • Green Guests are more respectful toward local culture, local team members than mass-all inclusive -tourists. Green Guests appreciate that individuals from remote villages serve with genuine charm and might not be the most sophisticated professionals. Guests are willing to mentor them and enjoy the genuineness and charm of this authentic experience of being connected to local culture.

  • Green Guests are very open and curious to learn about local culture and heritage. There are dozens of instances of guests being invited to churches, weddings, social ceremonies by team members to mingle with village folks and immerse in traditions. This creates a truly cheerful atmosphere of “inclusion” rather than “inclusive”

  • Green Guests often dine out and thus contribute to the local economy by supporting small businesses and family-owned taverns which desperately depend on tourists for a short season. This in turn creates a positive, harmonious, and collaborative atmosphere between ZENING and the local community.

  • Green policies are proven to be economically beneficial and contribute toward increasing rates, revenues, and profitability.

  • Meet in Green

  • ZENING has developed a concept of corporate and group events in nature with a “meet in Green” concept.

  • Small gardens and shaded areas are promoted for corporate training, group meetings, and events where guests kick off their shoes, soothe their minds with contact with nature and hold their meetings in a mindful environment of nature immersion.

  • ZENING offers special rates with discounts to sustainable living / environmental organizations for “meet in green”  meetings/ events.

  • Sustainability Activism & Innovation

  • At ZENING parking lots have been converted into gardens.

  • ZENING actively promotes seafront green areas in the local community rather than Asphalted parking lots or concrete grounds.

  • ZENING team members join in many community efforts to clean beaches and camping sites from trash leftover after tourist season.

  • Several educational videos have been developed for the municipality and local businesses to demonstrate best practices in green development.

  • Green Policies in Human Resources

  • Giving a green clean sustainable workplace free of chemicals and toxins to our team is a high priority. 

  • ZENING has an incentive program to encourage staff to participate in and improve environmentally friendly practices. Team members are encouraged to take “ownership” of a part of the hotel. Energy-saving, water conservation, trash recycling efforts win immediate bonus points including an invitation to family members to stay in the rooms “owned” by staff members. This encourages each team member to treat the hotel as a “home” with respect.

  • ZENING team are given a “Staff are also guests” incentive. Those staff members who demonstrate care for nature are invited to stay with families as guests in the hotel.

  • We frequently invite staff to be guests at the hotel so they may understand the guest experience and facilitate green living.

  • Staff are provided bike loans or free bikes so they exercise and use green transport to and from work

  • Staff accommodation is provided within 20-30 minutes walking distance to avoid dependency on motor transport.

  • Sustainability: Water and Energy

  • ZENING water and energy conservation actions:

  • recycle sewage water for irrigation. 

  • modern treatment plants to increase the efficiency of sewage water treatments

  • Enhancing rainwater channeling, collection, and treatment.

  • Linen and bath towels and sheets reuse program in all guest rooms.

  • Native drought-sensitive plants – Unnecessary irrigation is not carried out for decorative horticulture. Instead, landscaping is done with wild native flora and seasonal plants within the consumption levels of available water.

  • ZENING has switched to low flow toilets 

  • ZENING has switched to Fluorescent/CFL or LED light bulbs in guest rooms, lobbies, and pathways. 

  • At ZENING daylight is used to the maximum possible level in reception, activity areas, restaurants for much of the day.

  • 100% of appliances at ZENING rooms are Energy Star appliances 

  • Nearly all rooms, restaurants, lobby with window sun-film to lower heating and cooling loads and reduce glare.

  • Solar pumps are used for swimming pools 

  • All public toilets and several public areas are fitted with motion sensor lighting.

  • Sustainability: Food Services

  • ZENING focus is to buy organic, locally-grown food.

  • ZENING has planted an organic garden to provide fresh produce for guests. 

  • Staff is being trained to turn off ventilation hoods when the cooking appliances are off.