Village Concept

Zening 5 star Hotel

A new green carbon neutral 4 story sea facing hotel, free sea sights. No interruption to hilltop ZENING retreat.

Extending nature on the Hotel roof and blending the two sites, the roof is a new part of the Zening grounds. Offering new first-class sea views for guests, the Nautilus Bar with dramatic views, sunbathing and night yoga space, al fresco restaurant dining, and a vista leading straight to the existing theatre.

First Level

The first floor houses hotel rooms all along, with the Cascades complex developing a central pool where each room facing it enjoys a private balcony. The roof of the Village Seminar room adds sunbathing / lounging space. Roofs will be natural looking, planted with low maintenance herbs.

Second Level

Views from the second floor further improve, with the Cascades developing a third wing tucked in a green area of the Resort, with its own pools overflowing to lower levels. The Canyon is being shaped here-a conservation space between the existing restaurant and the hotel that provides passive cooling and sunlight , as well as preserving the low-key authentic feel of the existing restaurant.

Enrichment of nature

ZENING is in a very unique nature reserve zone of Cyprus at the confluence of Asia, Africa and Europe. Annual Mediterranean turtle nesting and arrival of millions of birds each spring for nesting is a testament to abundant natural richness of this region.The region has many charming mountain villages with their tavernas, museums.

ZENING and Polis Chrysochous Latchi from air



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