Zening Inspirational Village Gallery

Art Village

ZENING has no no carpeted corridors and no pretensions of luxury. This is a laid back, casual and truly zen place. Signs are hand made. Structures are built from discarded wood. Recycling is a art of our ethos. We embrace art, not industry. Perfection is boring. ZENING is a wild, untamed, raw landscape. Nature is ZENING.

The landscape of ZENING

ZENING residences are in 18 blocks on two levels accessible through stone and gravel paths. Residences and facilities are accessible on foot only.The landscape of ZENING is of hills, paths steps and even some ancient stone works. It is a rugged and rural setting.

Green Village

ZENING is set in wild nature. We curate a part of this vast property but nature is our gardner. Our climate is hot and humid. And yet, nature of this mystical land has given us an amazing variety of wild flowers all year round.

Enrichment of nature

ZENING is in a very unique nature reserve zone of Cyprus at the confluence of Asia, Africa and Europe. Annual Mediterranean turtle nesting and arrival of millions of birds each spring for nesting is a testament to abundant natural richness of this region.The region has many charming mountain villages with their tavernas, museums.

ZENING and Polis Chrysochous Latchi from air



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